Cash itt is an innovative and easy-to-use platform which enables luxury item owners to cash out their prized possessions conveniently and quickly. Get a great value for your valuables based on bidding by our 100+ dealer network globally. If you would not like to sell your item and require cash on an urgent basis, you have the option to buy back your item. You can rest easy that your valuables are stored securely in an insured vault.

We are three friends who have the experience of collecting luxury assets for over 30 years. In the luxury market, we’ve seen an increase in inefficiencies. There are growing shortages of items at one end while owners of luxury items are finding it inconvenient to sell their goods owing to the time-consuming procedure of scheduling appointments with strangers to come to their houses, shuffle through their belongings, and then make low-ball offers that only served to frustrate them. Yet, there was no effective or simple means for those who had more valuables than they needed to get rid of them, which was a huge roadblock to a more circular economy.

We created Cash itt to address such inefficiencies. We believe in simplifying the process that enables people to easily let go of valuable possessions, paving the way to a more sustainable luxury market. Apart from prices, we keep track of the sustainability score of brands that pass via our platform. We are convinced that in every part of our life, there is always an opportunity to act in a more socially responsible and sustainable manner. We believe that making it easier for people to sell their pre-loved items so that others can buy them, will help enable of a more circular economy.

We have started with luxury items even though we are not directly associated with any luxury brand. We look forward to your support in making luxury and, eventually, all aspects of our lives greener.

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Get a great value for your valuables based on bidding by our 100+ dealer network in UAE and globally


Enjoy the peace of mind as your possessions are kept safely in an insured and secured location


Collect your payment immediately after accepting our offer

We help you turn your prized possessions into cash
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Once you accept our offer, you can quickly collect your cash

Buy Back Your Product

If you opt for a buy back, you can do so once you pay the agreed price plus any applicable charges

We are not the authorised dealer of the brands we deal with
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100+ dealers / collectors bid for your item in UAE and globally to through our platform to get you the best cash value for your item
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We will make carry out authenticity checks
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Storage of items
Secured & Insured Storage of Items
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verified reviewer

Had a great experience. The Cash itt office is conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road and parking was easy in Gold & Diamond Park. I was really happy to see that my watch was in good hands.

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verified reviewer

I went around Gold and Diamond Park and got the best offer from Cashitt. I was happy to receive the cash within 24 hours, as promised. I would recommend Cashitt to my friends in the future.

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verified reviewer

The sale process was easy and straightforward. I requested for a home service and there was an issue with the home address but the customer support was good and the issue was quickly resolved. Cashitt definitely adds a personal touch to watch selling process!

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verified reviewer

I am happy to get rid of one of Birkins to make room for a new one. I am glad I got a good deal for it and was paid within 30 mins.

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