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Valuation Process

When evaluating luxury goods, there are four focal and effective techniques we apply. We are recognized to deliver fast, accurate, and fair valuation, when determining the worth of diverse luxury assets. We consider ourselves a thriving market, fueled by our client’s enthusiasm.


Get a valuation

Tell us about your prized possessions.


Schedule a Meeting

Visit our office or request a home visit.


Receive Payment

Once you accept our offer, you can quickly collect your cash.


Buy back your product

Have the option to buy your item back at a later date with a nominal fee.

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Our values

100+ dealer network

Receive a fantastic price for your treasures by our global bidding of our broad dealer network. You have the choice to get your stuff purchased back if you don’t want to sell, but urgently need money.

30+ years experience in luxury assets

We are three friends who have experience collecting luxury assets for over three decades.


Valuables are stored in a safe locker covered by insurance - You can rest easy that your valuables are stored securely in an insured vault.

Easy cash out

Owners of luxury goods may easily and swiftly cash out their precious items thanks to our innovative company strategy and user-friendly platform.

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Best price for your Items

100 + dealers bid for your item through our platform.

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3rd Party Authenticity Check

Our partnered assessment centres will check the authenticity of your item.

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Secured & Insured Storage

The premises is surrounded by multiple CCTV cameras and is monitored by SIRA UAE.

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Express payments

Collect your payment immediately after accepting our offer.

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Use cases

Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Stainless Steel 5167A-001

Khaled wanted to capitalize on his watch collection to add another super rare watch which he knew wouldn’t last long on the market. The other watches on his collection were also rare time pieces.

So he called and handed over his watches that were assessed. Khaled got cash within 1 working day of accepting the assessed value. He chose to go for the buy back option for his rare timepieces.While his watches were stored in a safe and insured location, Khaled used the cash to secure the super rare watch.

Within two weeks he received the cash he was expecting from his customers and he bought back the watches after paying the holding and service fees to Cash itt.

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Use cases

Louis Vuitton Onthego Bag


Anna wanted to clear the clutter in her wardrobe to make space for new luxury purchases.

A friend of hers told her that Cash Itt was the most convenient and quick way to cash out on her luxury items. After sharing details of her items, Anna requested a house visit and one of our team members picked up the items, conducted the assessment and shared the offer with her.

She liked the offer and was paid within 30 minutes of accepting the offer for the items.

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Use cases

Hermes Birkin 25

Gold Togo Birkin 25 Gold Hardware

Aisha is a young entrepreneur with a passion for starting her own business. She had always been a fan of luxury fashion, and had saved up for years to buy a beautiful Birkin bag from Hermès. However, as her business took off, she realized that she needed to invest all of her resources into making it successful.

That’s when she heard about Cash itt, and how it could help her sell her Birkin bag to finance her business. She was hesitant at first, but the process was surprisingly easy and convenient. Aisha listed her Birkin bag on Cash itt and within just a few days, she received several offers from interested buyers.

She was able to sell her Birkin bag for a fair price, and used the money to fund her business. She was amazed at how quickly and efficiently the process went.
Aisha was also pleasantly surprised about the fact that she was given an option to buy back her bag 30 days later.

What our clients say about us

“Cash Itt has been absolutely spectacular. Needed cash quite urgently – had to sell my beloved Evelyne, only to learn that I would be able to come and buy it back again in 30 days!! Thank you thank you thank you Cash Itt crew!”

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Naoru Okinawa

“I had a great experience with Cash It. I needed cash they gave me the best price for my Cartier Santos. The girls I saw were very helpful and professional. The office is conveniently located and you feel at ease there. I’ll definitely be back for my items and will use them again in the future. Many thanks.”

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James Goldwin

“The service from Cash Itt has been amazing. Got the money for my Kelly immediately. Best deal also.”

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Karen Moreno

Don't wait! Call us today and get instant cash against your luxuries!

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